Made Money In Bed Because Of Coin Arcade Machines

On October 1, 2017, Xu Feng’s first “amusement arcade” officially opened. On national day, many people came to play with curiosity. Just after the ribbon cutting ceremony, many people rushed to the amusement arcade.

A month soon passed and players’ enthusiasm for coin arcade game is still very high. Many players still queue up early every day and are reluctant to leave after closing. Some players said: these arcade games are simply the “savior” who makes them happier.

Xu Feng, who chose the right arcade machines, has earned back the rent of the venue and the money for arcade amusement equipment in only three months. He also made money for a BMW. His amusement arcade is a unique leader within a radius of 10 kilometers. Many players haven’t hesitate to drive a few kilometers just to play the coin arcade machines.

Xu Feng said: “I’ve never seen this kind of thing before that I can make money even when I’m at home every day or go traveling and I never dare to imagine. Thanks to those customers, I changed the direction of my life.”

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