How To Be a Crowd-Puller of Amusement Arcade in mall?

  1. Create a good atmosphere

The environment affects the players’ desire to play. A good amusement atmosphere can attract a steady stream of players, while a bad one can make people feel daunted. For a game hall, how to create a good game atmosphere directly affects whether it can make good profit, or even whether it can run normally. Sometimes you even can make a crowd first-call your friend have a fun experience. Crowd attract crowd.

  1. Take advantage of the site

Make the industry highly relevant and complete one-stop service. Make full use of site advantages and cooperate with surrounding businesses to attract customers and expand influence.

  1. Update game machine

New type and interesting game machines will make followers more. Chinese first pinball machine(with Wukong painting),Demolition King(swing a ball),Street Hop(sports simulation), KaKa Series(popular gift amusement machine) are popular game machine favored by most of people.

  1. Effective publicity

Various channels of publicity. For example, some cooperative websites, leaflets, free coins and other activities to attract more players coming. Especially for the newly opened video game city, the discount should be greater. First, you need to let people around know the existence of your amusement spot. And then attract players with good follow-up services and machines with excellent experience.

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