First Pinball Machine In China

Pinball game is a coin operated arcade game. Players earn points by shooting metal balls on an inclined playground, hitting special targets and avoiding losing the ball: throughout the 1970s and 1980s, high schools and college students found a coin tossing pinball machine in the arcade game room and bar. But the history of pinball is nearly 100 years earlier.

Due to historical reasons, it is difficult to see American pinball machines in China. Moreover, the internal structure of the pinball machine is complex. At present, it is still manufactured by manual assembly, which has kept the price of American pinball machine high for many years.

Now we found that there is a first mini pinball machine in China made by Huangyue Tech. Huangyue Tech combines pinball machine with prize redemption. The traditional Chinese mythical figure Monkey King Monkey King is painted on the pinball machine, which is a national style pinball machine with Chinese myth elements.

The main color of the appearance is Chinese red with gift boxes and transparent ticket boxes what makes the appearance so dazzling. The background of the game is journey to the west, one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels . It has been transplanted into this international classic fashion game to make the machines more different and bring a new operation concept to the venue gift area. As always, the classic pinball game can exercise the hand eye coordination of players, which is suitable for players of all ages. One machine is dual-purpose, increasing the PK experience of interactive competition.

I guess that most of pinball machine lovers and amusement hall entrepreneurs are dreaming of having a unique Chinese style Mini pinball machine.

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