Classification Of Arcade Machines

Arcade machines are classified by game playing method. Generally, the game types can be divided into:

Action games, referred to as act. Games with “action” as the primary expression method of the game can be regarded as action games. Action games also include “shooting games” and “Fighting Games”. After 2005, simple action games have been relatively rare, because “action” is expressed in a variety of different ways.

Fighting game, referred to as FTG. This kind of game has significant characteristics of action game, and it is also the main branch of action game. The picture is generally that players are divided into two or more camps to fight each other and use fighting tricks to defeat their opponents to achieve success.

Adventure game, referred to as AVG. Adventure Games focus on the interaction of plot and inquiry, such as exploring ignorance and dealing with puzzles. Adventure games also emphasize the excavation of story clues, which first tests the player’s observation and analysis ability.

Shooting game, referred to as STG. It is a kind of action game. The characters and objects to be manipulated are basically in motion. And “shooting” itself is also a kind of action.

Simulation game, referred to as SIM or SLG. Simulation games attempt to imitate various methods of “actual” days, and practice players for different intentions: such as improving proficiency, analyzing situations or guessing. Simulation games with different degree of simulation have different functions. Higher degree of simulation can be used for practice.

Role play game referred as RPG. In the game, the player acts as the role in a realistic or virtual international activity. The player plays one or more characters and makes the characters play through some actions under a structured rule. The success or failure of players in this process depends on a method system of rules or action policies.

Strategy game. It provides players with an environment in which they use their brains to think about problems and deal with more complex work. It allows players to freely control, manage and use people or things in the game. Through this free technique and the method of opposing the enemy that players use their brains to achieve the policy required by the game.

Music games are mostly called rhythm games.  Music is one of the contents of most games, so it is a classification method according to the game content. However, music games are generally defined as games that formulate game rules based on music rhythm and play based on music rhythm.

Casual games are an extremely broad category that includes many games. Classification with the intention of “games for players to play in rest and free time”.

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