How To Choose Arcade Machines?

  1. Size of arcade machines

Arcade machines are divided into three types: large arcade machines, medium arcade machines and small arcade machines. Investors should choose the appropriate size of equipment according to their business site and capital budget.

  1. According to customer group

Select specific arcade machines according to the target customers. For example, if the target customers are children, you should choose slow, stable and funny arcade machines, such as KAKA series gift redemption machine, pinball machine, spin a dolphin, etc. If the target customers are young friends, they should choose those luxurious, exciting, participatory and interactive game machines. Such as street hop, crazy hammer, etc.


  1. Choose the right arcade machines manufacturer

After deciding which what kind of arcade machines to buy, it is very important to choose a trusted arcade machines manufacturer. A good manufacturer is the guarantee of high quality. Arcade machines are playful and high utilization. Only high-quality products can ensure the safety of customers’ entertainment. High quality arcade machines makes investors feel at ease and customers feel comfortable and attractive.

  1. The material of arcade machinesshall be excellent

Arcade machines belongs to an investment project with long-term benefits. So it is necessary to ensure that the amusement equipment is solid and durable. Among them, the structural materials of the main frame must be solid,  the touch of screen materials must be good and comfortable. Finally, environmental protection of materials must be paid attention to.

  1. Sensory stimulation& lasting interest of arcade machines

Good arcade machines must have appropriate sensory stimulation, such as pleasing appearance and color, music matching the running rhythm. These are important factors to attract customers.

Good arcade machines make customers played again and again what won’t make them bored. In this regard, HY Tech arcade machines with strong participation and interaction has strong advantages.

  1. Multiplayer game

Not only for fun, but also for unexpected gains in interpersonal relationships. Parents and children playing together can promote the interactive relationship of family. Couples playing together can quickly heat up their feelings. Friends playing together can make the friendship closer. Therefore, the arcade game must be multiplayer game.

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