New Social Scene of ESports – Mainstream Players Loved Arcade

With the continuous development of economic and the increasing demand for a better life, the expenditure on cultural and entertainment experience has increased steadily.

As an important part of the entertainment industry, the game industry is recognized as the most profitable field. Its related industrial ecological chain has long been mature. However, from the perspective of subdivided fields, the arcade game and amusement equipment industry is still a fathomless sea with great potential and eSports with Live Broadcasting still has great prospects.

There is an activity IN CICF, , which skillfully combines arcade machines, E-sports and live broadcasting, breaks through the space constraints of offline arcade machines. So that players can feel unprecedented competitive passion in the event no matter where they are. Experience the game charm of offline entertainment and feel the visual impact of stimulation brought by technology and games from a zero distance.Offline entertainment places are different from online virtual social networking. Arcade games based on real scenes enhance the interaction between friends and colleagues and better meet more social needs . Through the scenes of E-sports events, an experiential social platform will be created for amusement arcade machine players which can not only meet the demands of young generations keen on experience but also meet the social entertainment needs of players.

success cases 02 amusement arcade

With people’s increasingly rich pursuit of spiritual and cultural life, people’s demand for experiential projects cannot be met by online products. Offline all-round, high-quality, novel and interesting services will provide strong support for attracting consumers, retaining consumers and increasing customer stickiness. This will also become a major opportunity for the long silent offline arcade machines.

How to attract consumers to try offline arcade machines? Broaden publicity channels is an important way. The premise of love is to have interest.

The young content industry represented by eSports industry is gradually becoming a new growth point of China’s cultural industry. At present, Guangzhou continues to improve the layout of the whole eSports industry chain and improve the professional, refined and standardized development level of the eSports industry.

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