How To Plan Activities of Arcade Game(Martketing)?

A creative and well planned activity plan can attract a lot of people for amusement arcade and give players a sense of belonging to the amusement arcade. In recent years, some large chain amusement arcade pay special attention to the activity planning in the store. On Every important festival, on the day new arcade machines come or a game starts are the time for activity planning to show their skills.

Activity planning is an effective action for amusement arcade to increase sales and market share in the short term. If it is an activity planning case with outstanding creativity and good enforce ability and feasibility, it will play a positive role in improving both the popularity of the amusement arcade and the reputation of the brand.

How To Plan Activities of Arcade Game / Marketing arcade?

  1. Spotlightthe theme

When planning activities, we should first make an accurate judgment according to the actual problems of the video game city itself and the situation of market analysis. And after the analysis, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses to extract the current most important theme, which is also the most worthy of promotion, and it can only be one theme. In an activity, only when you convey the most important information to the target consumer group, you can attract the attention of the customers and make people easily remember the keystone you want to express.

Interesting and innovative themes can lead some trends and make your own hot to emerge.


  1. Create some buzz and atmosphere

Conduct propaganda through social media, news, advertising. By promoting the lively atmosphere generated with scenes, take advantage of people’s support for the activity to attract more people.

  1. Online and offline simultaneous operation

Offline amusement arcade show and online propaganda make stream. For example, it is convenient for players to transplant more devices to arcade game machine screen to make players make more games at any time. By combing and analyzing the feedback of players, the online platform can achieve better interaction and guide retention, so as to better transform online and form a more complete online with offline business system.

  1. Satisfyconsumers’ curiosity

The most important step in the promotion plan of amusement arcade is to arouse the curiosity of consumers. If we can arouse the curiosity of consumers and let them watch, then this promotion activity has been successful basically. To arouse others curious and to excite their interest in the activity is the final purpose of our activity promotion.

Here are some long-term detailed plan for amusement arcade:

  1. Free coin Don’t hand outtoo much and send on weekend is better. In the internet buying age, you can choose to publish group buying information on the Internet to attract the customers we can’t see. Maximize the number of customers.
  2. Hire some excellent professional players to attract people. During rush hours, invite experts to perform playing the arcade games. Guide customerfor consumption.
  3. Build membership system. For new members who do not understand some game machines or do not understand the rules of the game, even who want to improve their level, we can regularly organize for interpretation or technical exchange.
  4. Make some ranking match such as pinball game, demolition  game, street hop game and so on. And ranking can be implemented on these competition machines. Set some rewards for breaking records. Encourage members to participate in ranking.

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