What Arcade Games Have You Played? (Part 1)

To tell the truth, our generation of players are relatively lucky to catch up with the golden age of game consoles; At the same time, our generation of players is also unfortunate. We were born in an era full of malice to video & arcade games. Many players were caught by parents and scolded by teachers for playing games but still couldn’t stop enthusiasm for arcade game.

In the age of passionate game, who hasn’t been obsessed with several games? At first, the games we contacted were arcade and FC. Most players started their “game career” after the 1980s.

  1. Final Fight

Final Fight launched by Capcom laid the prototype and design direction of many act horizontal version scroll clearance Games in the later stage. This game was originally intended to be a sequel as a fighting game to Street Fighter. What impressed me at that time was that the difficulty of this game was relatively high.



  1. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

The game adapted from American animation and also launched by Capcom. In those years, it was basically playing in line in the amusement arcades. The protagonist is actually the jack in white. As a result, many people always thought that yellow hat is the captain and the protagonist. I was so excited about attacking boss while driving at the first contact.



  1. King Arthur and his knights

The plot of the game is to tell the story of King Arthur. Round table knight is a sword clearance game. The most interesting part of the game is heavy cutting and blocking. It feels like a real sword.

  1. Destiny of an Emperor

It is an RPG game released in 1989. Look at the name to know that it is a game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms and integrates the plot of Kuso. 

  1. The Punisher

It’s also launched by Capcom, an action game adapted from Marvel’s comics. This game is also famous for its delight strike. One particularly interesting point is to drop the grenade. In addition to ab insurance, every life also carries its own bomb like STG shooting game.



  1. Captain Commando

It’s also launched by Capcom. There is a big problem with the balance of the characters strength in this game. Mummies are too easy to use and have strong judgment. At that time, many people were unwilling to choose other characters.

  1. Ninja Baseball Bat Man

It’s launched by Irem. You can choose four characters in this game. The plot is very mischievous and silly but the action elements are very strong and cool.

  1. Shadow Force

It is a somewhat strange game in judgment but the richness of the game is very high. The main game is like its name. The characters operated by players can be transformed into various enemy characters to fight. The game also has a very rich move making system.


  1. Street Fighter

This is a legendary series with countless fans in the world. It is also a famous work of fighting game type. Capcom, as the game developer, has developed more than N versions of Street Fighter in six years. It has always forgotten Street Fighter. Every time a new Street Fighter is on sale, players will always think that should it be 3 this time? However, it is always the case that Capcom forgets to count three every time.

  1. KOF

This game produced by SNK is the beginning and end of a legend. In 1994, there was a game that fought in the form of team what is KOF94. After that, a KOF named after the year will be released every year.


  1. Far East of Eden

It was previously a Japanese style RPG developed by Hudson and then was changed as a fighting game which is said to be the prototype of Naruto’s creativity and reference. The game’s 2D painting style and simple moves are deeply loved by players.

  1. Samurai Shodown

At that time, the sword fighting game which was very rare in the market, created more a great deal of classic characters. Such as NAKORURU, Shiranui Gen-An, Neinhalt Sieger, Asura … After the 3rd generation, the game gradually moved towards the continuous move route andbegan to decline. The latest work is “Samurai Shodown Zero” which has restored the attack and defense system of one knife and one sword.

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