What Arcade Games Have You Played? (Part 2)

In the early 1980s, it can be said that Capcom was basically the mainland of arcade and most of the venue with arcades were Capcom games. Later, the KOF of SNK ruled amusement arcades and then online games get popular. Recently, retro is coming back with new arcade game machines.

Next, let’s continue our journey of memory.

  1. Virtual Fighter

A 3D fighting game, produced by Sega. There was version with big heads. 3D fighting was very fresh at that time. The characters pays more attention to attack when playing this game. Then no new works appeared until Virtual Fighter 5.


  1. Soul Calibur

The characteristics of each weapon of each character are different. The latest one is Soul Calibur 6 .




  1. World Heroes

It made fortune for SNK and it is about the famous heroes of various countries to fight the game. Among them, the second generation of perfect version is very well made.



  1. The Last Blade

It’s particular about the release of continuous moves. There is even a rebound and block system. The plot setting and characters setting of the game are very excellent which is even like an RPG.



As a big coins eater, STG arcade machines were in almost every amusement arcade. 

  1. Striker 1945

At that time, this game was so popular that almost every game hall had must have one. 1945’s biggest innovation was the introduction of power storage attack.

  1. Gun Bird

It is also a game produced by PSIKYO. The characters design and cartoon style of the game are particularly brilliant.




It was a relatively rare horizontal shooting game on the arcade at that time.

  1. DonPachi

The game made by Cave. The number of bullets on the same screen can be said to be the most compared with similar games at that time. This kind of game has a group of loyal fans in the world.

  1. Metal Slug

It was also launched by SNK. The unique features of the game are lovely character modeling and diversified weapons and vehicles.



  1. Commando

This is a panoramic view shooting game produced by Capcom. The game is very fun and representative. It’s remarkable that it has a shelter system which was new.

  1. Raiden

The feature of the game is that the enemy own few bullets but the bullets are very fast what makes players hard to avoid.



  1. Varth

Capcom’s shooting game. There are two roles to choose from. Most people should choose the balls who own in front (Imao). The ball also can stop bullets. The difficulty of the game is moderate.



  1. Shock Trooper

Shock Trooper is an shooting arcade game developed by Saurus. Players can not only attack the enemy in close combat but also have many kinds of special weapons and jump to avoid enemy bullets .

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