Development History of Arcade Machines

In 1971, the first commercial arcade machineComputer Space sold to the public. It was designed by the famous Nolan Bushnell. There are many innovations in technology but it has some puzzling aspects in game operation. So it is not successful in business. Even so, Nolan Bushnell accumulated a lot of experience through the game, leaving nutting associates to establish Atari, the overlord of the game industry.

In 1972, Pong, the first successful arcade machine, was designed by Nolan Bushnell and Alan Alcorn. At that time, Nolan put the game machine in a local gas station. Nolan had made a lot of money when the game machine finished its mission and stopped running. Pong achieved success with amazing speed and it can be said that it created the arcade game industry.

In 1974, the first game that used ROM to store image data – Tank (keegames / Atari Inc.)

  1. Infancy

Arcade machine in its infancy has not been popularized. Aside from many factors, the arcade game machines had poor picture quality, few colors and lower entertainment. Its entertainment effect is far inferior to our arcade machines today. From a certain point of view, these games are not arcade games in the real sense.

  1. 12 years of rapid development

1978-1990 can be said to be 12 years of arcade games in full bloom. Nintendo has gradually become the master of arcade games. With a Mario, Nintendo has attracted the hearts of many players around the world. Then Capcom’s ACT games appeared. The publication of “Street Fighter” had made Capcom’s a leader in fighting games of arcade games. Later, SNK’s plug-in RETROCON came out which added infinite fun to players.

  1. New era

It means networking. Players can have their own personality data through the network and can cooperate or fight with other players. Sega launched the “Sangokushi Taisen” during this period and players can  storm a pass in cooperation. Later, Seed Destiny launched by BANDAI-NAMCO made countless players become Gundam’s fans and so far. Then came Square-Enix’s pioneering work Dragon Quest.

Today’s arcade machines have large screen size, smooth visual effect and more operation methods. They combine the online and offline playing methods which not only has the sense of game experience and operation, but also has the pleasure of online communication.

The following is the history of classic arcades of all periods:

      1972, Pong, Atari Inc.

  1974, Tank, Kee Games/Atari Inc.

  1975, Gunfight, Taito/Midway

  1976, Night Driver, Atari Inc.

  1976, Breakout, Atari Inc.

  1978, Space Invaders,Taito/Bally/Midway

  1978, Football, Atari Inc.

  1979, Asteroids, Atari Inc.

  1979, Warrior,Vectorbeam/Cinematronics

  1980, Battlezone, Atari Inc.

  1980, Defender, WilliamsElectronics

  1980, Missile Command, Atari

  1980, Pac-Man, Bally/Midway

  1981, Donkey Kong, Nintendo Ltd.

  1981, Centipede, Atari Inc.

  1981, Tempest, Atari Inc.

1982, Pole Position, Namco/Atari

1982, Tron, Bally/Midway

  1982, Zaxxon, Sega Ltd.

  1983, Star Wars, Atari Inc.

  1983, Dragon’s Lair,Starcom/Cinematronics

  1984, I, Robot, Atari Inc.

  1985, Xevious, Namco/Atari Inc.

  1985, Gauntlet, Atari Games

  1986, Space Harrier, Sega

  1986, Athena, SNK

  1986, Ikari Warriors, SNK

  • StreetFighter, CAPCOM

1991, Street Fighter II, CAPCOM

1991, Fetal Fury,SNK

  1992, Art of Fighting,SNK

  1992, Warriors of Fate, CAPCOM

  1992, Virtua Racing, Sega

  1993, Samurai Shodown,SNK

  1993, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs,CAPCOM

  1993, Virtua Fighter, Sega

  1993, Daytona, Sega

  1994, The King of Fighters’94,SNK

  1994, Armored Warriors, CAPCOM

  1995, Real Bout Fetal Fury, SNK

  1996, Metal Slug,SNK

  1996, Oriental Legend IGS

  1997, The King of Fighters’97,SNK

  1997, The King of Fighters’98,SNK

  1997, The Last Blade,SNK

  1999, Knights of Valour, IGS

  1999, Mark of The Wolves,SNK

  1999, Dead or Alive 2,TECMO★

  2000, Knights of Valour 2, IGS

  2000, The King of Fighters’2000,SNK

  2000, Guilty Gear X, Arc SystemWorks★

  2000, Marvel vs. Capcom 2,CAPCOM★

  2000, Capcom vs. SNK – Millennium Fight,CAPCOM★

  2001, The King of Fighters’2001,EOLITH

  2002, The King of Fighters’2002, PLAYMORE& EOLITH

  2003, SNK vs Capcom Chaos,PLAYMORE

  2003, SamuraiShodown V, PLAYMORE

  2003, Knights of Valor – The Seven Spirits,IGS

  2004, King of Fighters – The Neo Wave, SNKPlaymore

2004, Sangokushi Taisen, SEGA

2005, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, SNKPlaymore

  2005, Fist Of The North Star, Arc SystemWorks

  2005, Guilty Gear XX Slash, Arc SystemWorks

  2005, Senko No Ronde Special,G.Rev

  2006, The King of Fighters XI, SNKPlaymore

  2006, Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna,BANDAI-NAMCO

  2006, Trigger Heart Exelica,Warashi

  2007, Oriental Legend 2, IGS

  2007, KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A, SNKPlaymore

  2008, BlazBlue: CalamityTrigger,Arc System Works

  2008, Samurai Spirits:sen,SNK Playmore

  2008, Street Fighter IV,CAPCOM

  2008, The King of Fighters XII, SNKPlaymore

  2010, Super Street Fighter IV,CAPCOM

  2010, The King of FightersXIII(KOF13),SNK Playmore


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