What is Arcade Game?

What is arcade game? What is arcade machine? What is amusement machine?

Arcade game machine is a special game machine for business placed in public entertainment places. It can also be called large-scale video game which originated from the commercial coin operated entertainment machinery popular in bars, restaurants and entertainment places in the United States. The broad sense of coin operated arcade can be traced back to the 1920s, including pinball, coin operated electronic mechanical games, crawling doll machine, ticket redemption amusement machine, etc. In a narrow sense, arcade refers to a commercial video game operated in a coin operated box in the form of computer program. The game running on the arcade is called arcade game. Special places for operating arcades flourished called amusement arcade.

The basic form of a common arcade is composed of two parts: frame and machine board.

There are two kinds of frames – vertical frame and flat lying frame. The vertical frame stands vertically on the ground, the height is higher than the width, and the display is at a certain angle but not parallel to the ground, which is usually suitable for standing and playing games; The lying down frame is placed horizontally on the ground, the width is greater than the height, and the display is parallel to the ground, which is suitable for sitting and playing games. The frame is composed of the shell of the machine (usually wood products) and internal electronic components. The shell of the vertical frame can be divided into frame head, frame surface, control panel, frame belly, frame side plate and frame back plate.

The machine board is an electronic base board made by professional game manufacturers. It is like the main board of a personal computer. It has CPU, ROM, ram, video memory, input / output interface (I / O), etc. without a base plate, the game machine is just an empty shell. A base board contains only one game. If it breaks down, the game may disappear forever.

Arcade simulator usually refers to the software that runs the arcade game program on other computer platforms by converting the program instructions of the arcade platform into the instructions that can be recognized by the cost machine.

Being able to share happiness with friends face to face in amusement arcade is incomparable by other game forms. Especially with the change of people’s hobbies, there are many emerging projects in the arcade hall, such as dancing machine, music performance, shooting competition and so on, which also attracts many new players.

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