How To Fit Up A Cyberpunk Shop/mall

Cyberpunk comes from literary writers and consists of two parts: Cyber and punk. Cyber can be understood as “control” and “virtual”. As for punk, it has a lot to do with the music subculture “punk” originated in the 1970s and has become a spiritual culture. A very important point of punk spirit is its dystopia. It conveys a message to society: not everyone is doing well, not everyone must be the same.

Then what are the essential elements of cyberpunk?


It refers to an abstract concept in the field of philosophy and computer. For example, the matrix world in hacker space is a classic virtual reality, which is an example of using computer simulation to generate three-dimensional space.


In the future society depicted by cyberpunk, the material civilization is highly developed, but the spiritual civilization has not been correspondingly improved. Human spirit is controlled by matter, and has not obtained real freedom in the highly developed technological society.

Moreover, with the support of high technology, the gap between the rich and the poor, greed, selfishness and other ugly aspects of human nature have been infinitely enlarged.

Endless rain

From drizzle to downpour. In the world of cyberpunk, the city is always shrouded in rain. The rain carried the pollution from the sky and high-rise buildings, drowning the whole city in endless darkness.

Advertisements and neon lights

In the world of cyberpunk, electronic neon lights and giant three-dimensional advertisements are everywhere. The walls of almost all cities have become billboards and screens and holographic images occupy all people’s horizons. Businesses from all walks of life compete for people’s loyalty to their brands through advertising and try their best to empty their pockets.

Then how to decorate your store or house into a cyberpunk style?

  1. Bare metal

Metal is a common element of cyberpunk style. This material can be selected for lamps, seats and decorations.

Acrylic board and paint baking board can be used to reflect the theme of “high technology”.

General restaurants habitually cover the pipes for beauty, but in cyberpunk style restaurants, the exposed pipes will increase the space atmosphere and enhance the space charm, especially for young consumer groups, which can attract their attention.

  1. Large area artificial light source

Wall graffiti and old industrial products reflect the unique characteristics of “low life” which can be put together with neon lights, industrial fans and other designs.

Neon lights can be used not only as signs but also as wall decoration, lines, text symbols, etc.

In addition to the large-area color blocks on the wall, graffiti can also appear on multiple interfaces as a guide sign, making the space full of interest.

  1. Wet feeling

Humidifier is the soul of cyberpunk home decoration. In the dense water vapor, refract the light and shadow of different color lights, and peep into the human fireworks of decadent cities from the diffuse water vapor. It’s like being in the world of cyberpunk and missing the future of another space-time line in the projector.

  1. Asian traditional cultural elements

This is a common contrast and combination of future technology and traditional culture in cyberpunk theme. However, buildings similar to HK Jiulong walled city are still preserved in modern cities. Advertising signs with Chinese characters everywhere, or traditional red lanterns, will give this theme a bright spot.

  1. Color tendency

The light color are commonly cool color with high saturation that blue and purple are the main colors. It gives people a sense of ice cooling, combined with holographic images and giant buildings what create a sci-fi atmosphere with a sense of distance from the real world.

  1. Equipment and machines

A cyberpunk store,pub,house or mall need some VR or new arcade machines. HY Tech manufacturer new and cheap arcade machine with luxury varies light 2022 new arcade machines

In Cyberpunk Era, You Need An Arcade.


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