Playing Arcade Make Brain More Efficient

A joint study by Spanish and American researchers found that playing arcade may make people’s brain work more efficiently. Researchers from the Open University of Catalonia in Spain and the MGH in the United States reviewed 116 previous studies on the effects of playing arcade on the brain, of which 22 involved changes in brain structure and 100 involved changes in brain function or behavior patterns.

Analysis found that playing arcade not only changed the brain structure, but also changed its operation. Some research conclusions show that playing arcade can help improve continuous attention and selective attention, and the regions of the brain involved in attention of video game players operate more efficiently. Relevant research also provides evidence that whether long-term players or volunteers who temporarily participate in arcade training programs, playing arcade makes their brain regions involved in visuospatial skills, such as the right hippocampus, larger and operate more effectively. However, the researchers also found that playing arcade is easily addictive because the function and structure of the brain reward system have changed, which is similar to those with other addiction disorders.