The disappearance of 3D Pinball

3D Pinball is a computer game with keyboard operation attached to Windows system. The game appears as one of the attached games in the Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 2000 / Windows Me / Windows XP (32-bit) operating system. Windows 95 can install Microsoft Plus! Add the game to the expansion pack. Windows XP (64 bit), Windows Vista and subsequent operating systems removed the game due to compatibility issues.

The game is divided into nine levels, expressed in ranking. The lowest rank is a cadet and the highest is a five-star general. Only after selecting and completing a series of missions can we upgraded to the next level. The higher the rank, the higher the award points. No matter how complex your skills are, you should start playing with 3 balls as a cadets. You should have won more balls in the process of playing and improve your military rank.

Then why 3D Pinball disappeared?

Because Raymond, the Engineer in charge of transplanting the game at that time, found that the 3D Pinball failed to collide in the 64 bit system. That is to say, when the game starts, the ball will fall and fly directly out of the game frame. Due to the creator’s habit to encrypt the game at that time, Raymond couldn’t figure it out without source code. In the case of lack of time, the game had to stop updating in the end.



New games are emerging in an endless stream under the new technology and pinball has become an classic old school collection. But the true classics will not be forgotten. Up to now, there are still some manufacturers producing pinball machines and stern Pinball and Hy Chinese mini pinball are two of them.