A Dolphin Helps With Your Revenue

Want to know how to increase the revenue of the amusement park&amusement arcade? Want to quickly increase the popularity of the amusement park&amusement arcade? Spin a dolphin was launched. There are five lights of different colors on the cheap arcade machine, corresponding to different scores. Players hit the ball by controlling the strength of the rocker, so as to achieve the target score they pursue.

Spin A Dolphin

Introduction to playing way:

Players can aim at the green light of big awards after inserting coins. With the appropriate strength of the rod to hit the ball and drop into different slot lights, you can get the corresponding number of redemption tickets. If the ball drop into the green light slot or red light slot, you can get a chance to hit another ball again for free. If the ball drop into the green light slot again, you can win 2500 super prizes!

Spin A Dolphin

A single game only takes about 5 seconds. The changing green light position every time allows players to adjust their strength from time to time. A miss is as good as a miles. Unwilling psychology can greatly improve the coin renewal ability of the new arcade game.