Arcades Site Selection Tips

To invest in arcades, the first problem is the site selection which involves foot traffic and site rent. It comes to being profitable or not.


How to find the site?

The main consideration to decide whether a site is suitable for lay arcades is whether the foot traffic is dense. Common venues include shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, pedestrian streets, school gates, subway station exits, various transit hubs, etc. Pay attention to the specific location to make arcade machines attracting attention to Passerby.


Choose an open area or your own arcades?

Both are OK. But usually the cost of own arcades venue is a little higher and the site is always not fully utilized. Decoration is also troublesome. It is suggested to give priority to the public area and rent it in the form of monthly rent per unit. No matter how you choose, the creation of atmosphere is very important. So it is best to have more than 5 best arcade machines at each site. The richer the arcade categories, the better.

What size of own arcades venue to choose?

It depends on you arcade machine amount and your planning capital. The area and the number of arcade machines can be calculated by drawing on the paper according to the size. However, since it is own arcades, 15~20 sets of arcade machines are required.


How can I talk to the mall about venue rent?

Just ask directly, usually one of the managers of the business department, the marketing department and the salesroom department.


In addition to paying the rent, is there any other way to cooperate with mall owners?

It can make mall obtained a part from the arcades revenue by negotiating rent free and providing free space in the shopping mall. However it is not recommended. It will expose all your data and bring potential risks. Maybe after the profit is good, the mall will buy their own arcade machines to operate and kick you out. There are too many examples at present.



In addition to the most common way to pay rent, the following schemes can be considered:

  1. Scan QR code for free playing:

Increase the number of followers of the mall to offset the rent paid. Let customers scan the QR code of the mall official account for free coins. It is a strategy that can not only increase the number of official account followers, but also allow users to experience arcade machines for free.

We can also charge a third-party official account with followers increase needs.

Free coins first and paid coins after. It will help the arcade machine site crowded.

  1. In front of the restaurant that needs to line up:

For restaurants that need to queue up, we can set arcade machines sporadically to avoid rent. Generally, each restaurant set 1~2 medium-sized arcade games which can help the restaurant attracts people and allows customers to pass the waiting time. But the operation and maintenance of the machine will relatively troublesome.

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