Prospect Of Street Fighter 6

Since Capcom announced the news of “Street Fighter 6”, countless fans of fighting games around the world have been looking forward to it launching. From the information displayed so far, the next generation of “Street Fighter” has indeed shown its charm and innovation different from the past.

Street Fighter 6 will include World Tour mode. In addition to the new game innovation, “Street Fighter 6” also combines the previous core modes (including arcade mode, online fighting, training mode, local combat, etc.) with the experience of the Fighting Ground.

The first new game mode is the Fighting Ground and it focuses on the classic fighting game experience and combines the previous modes of the series. such as arcade, online competition, training, local combat, etc.

At the same time, the world tour has been described as “an immersive story experience” and “breaking through the boundaries of fighting games so that players can leave their heritage through their player avatars”.

Street Fighter 6 will also have a battle hub which is described as “a new and unique destination for players to participate, communicate and interact”.

It will also launch the first live commentary function of the series. It support subtitles in 13 languages and directly integrate the voices of commentators from popular fighting game communities (FGC) such as Vicious and Aru into the game to comment the combat situation on live.

In terms of the artistic expression of the game, Street Fighter 6 has created a series of new styles – street culture all over the world. Compared with the elegant ink style, this work presents a more cool and trendy modern sense.

Almost every character in street fighter series has its own background story. The new mode of this new work is also to better make players know these characters. I believe that Street Fighter 6 will continue the excellent playing experience of the previous generation and make good use of the new playing mode which is a new step for it.

The game will be released in 2023. I hope Capcom can give global players another carnival.

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