2022 Best Kiddie Arcade Machine For Sale

Are you looking for the best kiddie arcade machine for sale in 2022? The best kiddie arcade machine need to be durable and make full use of advanced technologies such as machinery, electricity, light, sound, water and power. It integrates knowledge, interest, science and adventure and it must be deeply loved by kids. If an arcade machine is 2 in 1 with gifts, then it will be kids’ favorite.

Kaka Series made by HY Arcade can exercise kids’ hands and brain reaction coordination ability. It combined the current capsule gift, cards, with mystery boxes what always makes kids fall in love with it.


Where to place the arcade machines for kids?

You can invest some arcade machines inside communities, restaurants, schools, theme parks, amusement room, retailer stores, ect.


What gifts to set up as prizes in the kiddie arcade machine?

HY Arcade prepares some gifts – exquisite doll in mystery boxes, cards popular among kids, surprising toys in gashapons. You can also prepare by yourself but the gifts should be cute, funny and attractive.


There are 3 types of Kaka machines for kids:

  1. Classical Style

Games: Rotating running light

Cowboy roping

Prize: Cards

  1. Mystery Box Style

Games: Coockie jumping

AA(Double A)

Prize: Cards & Mystery boxes


  1. Gashapon Style

Games: Throwing balls

Catching Cat

Prize: Cards & Gashapons

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