How To Operate A Community Shopping Center

There is still considerable room for the development of community shopping centers in the future but the problems it faces are also severe. Due to the community shopping center lacks mobile passenger flow, “how to invite guests in” should be a common problem. So how should community-based shopping centers meet the needs of community people and achieve accurate allocation of business types?

Attract traffic

  1. Determine the proportion of experience formats according to consumer needs

In the planning and layout of business types, the attraction and influence to the target population should be mainly considered. The business type of passenger flow contribution often plays a decisive role in the community shopping center.


  1. Service concept ofbang for the buck

The community-based shopping center provides a soothing and slow-paced atmosphere contrary to the tense working environment. It meets the personalized and multi-level emotional needs and service needs of community people.

Therefore, we must pay attention to their service philosophy when introducing new brands.


  1. Diversified business combinations to create a “life paradise”

The community shopping center can carry out diversified brand combinations. In addition to setting 2~3 department stores and supermarkets as the main stores, it should try to strive for 50~100 personalized specialty stores, fast food stores and service stores.

It’s better to integrate with the surrounding buildings such as theater, cultural center, gymnasium, bank, park green space and a certain scale of parking lot. So as to provide community people with a life paradise with multiple functions such as shopping, leisure, entertainment, education and culture, gathering and socializing, and fully show the “life interest” created by the community shopping center.

The promotion of new technologies such as mobile Internet, intelligent shelves and mobile application store has gradually accelerated the integration of online and offline businesses in community shopping centers to seize the last piece of land about business opportunities.

Homogeneous competition is serious at present

Facing the serious problem of homogeneous competition, what should we do?

  1. To achieve the brand chain of business operators

It will not only help to meet the diverse and personalized needs of community residents and serve the community well, but also improve the quality of life of people. At the same time, the enterprise can also get long-term benign development.

  1. Make reasonable business positioning,planning and area ratio

Building a reasonable complete business system can form an external radiation force of interaction and mutual check and share resources. we can also learn from retailers’ joint expansion of business scope. It not only enhance the ability to meet people’s “one-stop” shopping, but also provide rich service items and family leisure and entertainment items to meet the particularity and diversity of community people’s services.

  1. Improvement of hardware and further step of software

Scientific and reasonable planning is the primary condition for sustainable and sound operation. It is fundamental to change management ideas and cultivate excellent professionals.

  1. Accuratecustomer source analysis and two-way service function

It should not only provide consumers with a variety of service places, but also provide merchants with a convenient and reliable business environment and a profit model of symbiosis and common prosperity of various business forms. So that all merchants can feel a full range of services and support in their operations.

  1. Increase experiential businessto attract consumers

To avoid the impact of e-commerce, local stores must rely on the consumption format of strong experience. This is also the reason why the proportion of experiential businesses is getting higher and higher.

VR, AR, Mr and other forms related to scientific and technological elements can create immersive, interactive and realistic experiences which are highly interesting and have a good sense of experience. They are the business types favored by current community shopping centers.

The parent-child economy has exploded in an all-round way. Community shopping centers also focus on parent-child experiential consumption. Among them, parent-child education and training and children’s play are the most common. Kiddie arcade machines are suitable for placement in communities.

Many fresh food supermarkets have introduced the most popular line at present to form a fresh food canteen integrating fresh food and characteristic cook.

  1. Create social conditions and enhance customer stickiness

Enhance the feelings between customers and cultivate their stickiness to the shopping center by creating some social scenes.

Some community shopping centers also often organize community flea markets, community sports meetings, pet fraternities, children’s activities, etc. They promote neighborhood emotional exchanges, gather popularity for community businesses, and activate the atmosphere.

  1. Provide convenience services and drive the consumption of peripheral products

The business hours accommodate the consumption habits of people and meet the 24-hour consumption demand. In addition to regular consumption, there are more service consumption close to life.

  1. Main partpositioning and forming differentiated competitive advantages

Community shopping centers should emphasize differentiation in planning. Culture, aesthetics, parent-child, women, science and technology and other topics have been applied to many projects to form their own labels. At the same time, the themed packaging of the internal space can also enhance the recognition of the project.

In addition, some cheap amusement machines can help centers get a lot of fun and appreciation.

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