Predicting Street Fighter 6 And A Boss Hidden For 20 Years

The protagonists in the Street Fighter 6 trailer are RYU, Chun-Li, Luke and Jamie. Two classic characters are based and two new characters bring more youthful vitality.

RYU’s and Chun-Li’s students have grown up and able to undertake the task alone.

Let’s analyze the information contained in this trailer:

The poster on the left is from the plot after Gill clearing the levels in Street Fighter 3.3. People all over the world have responded to the call of the “Illuminati” and both human and animal got two colors in their bodies. The appearance of this poster shows that the era of Gill has not passed. His appearance in the Street Fighter 5 did not show much of his plot and it seems that the plot of Street Fighter 6 probably happened before Street Fighter 3.3. In this version, there may be the end of Gill and the Illuminati.

Compare Gill’s ending of Street Fighter 3.3:

In other words, Gill is the ultimate boss of this work. Not surprisingly, he will be promoted to an emperor and everyone will be controlled by him. 

Then we can see the hero of Metro City: Hugo who may turn into a good guy.

In the Street Fighter 6 trailer, it took a length devoted to Metro City and the relevant scenes of Final Fight. It seems that some bosses will be involved in the game.


The main scene of Mad Gear Gang in those years is now Abigail’s second-hand car company.

The patron saint of the city: Mayor Haggar. Under his leadership, Mad Gear Gang was completely disintegrated and the whole city was restored to normal order.

Then came the boss of Mad Gear Gang who will appear in 100% of  Street Fighter 6.

Wait, you don’t know him?

Well, that’s the man. He stopped act ostentatiously for a long time after Mayor Haggar broke his few ribs. His reappearance is out of expect.

It was predicted that Street Fighter 6 is not only a fighting game but also an action game. In other words, it is possible for fighters to rush into the streets and fight with gangsters. This might be the real street fighter.

The trailer has a fight scene of action games which looks great.

At this time, Chun-Li was nearly 30 years old and her martial arts had basically reached the peak, becoming a great master.

After Vega was defeated, in order to develop Chinese Kongfu, she began to educate the next generation and opened a school to teach some students.

So, who is this girl with Capcom themed jacket and headset / glasses? It may be Chun-Li’s adopted daughter: Li-Fen. In Street Fighter 5, Li-Fen is one of the core figures of the Black Moon plan captured by Vega. After being rescued by Chun-Li, she was accepted as an adopted daughter.

Chun-Li discovered her unique fighting talent during the time. She can accurately find out the weakness of her opponent through calculation. She is likely to be the figure in Street Fighter 6.

New Figure, Jamie:

Seeing him pick up the flagon and drink, I knew that Street Fighter 6 was about to usher in a new Chinese. He is a hip-hop dancer from Hong Kong. When Yin and Yang became famous, Jamie regarded them as idols. Confident in his martial arts, he also wants to let more people know the charm of Chinese Kungfu through his own efforts.

Luke, a young man with Guile as his backup.

There is a mysterious female character named “Kimberly” at the end of the trailer. There is no relevant information at present.

We love Street Fighter and it is the continuation of youth.

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