Hot Trend: Arcade Game Themed Restaurant

While playing the arcade game, Have you ever imagined galloping on the battlefield like the protagonists in the game, crossing time and space, drinking all kinds of “red bottles” and “blue bottles” and eating the specific food in the game?

With the popularity of various arcade games, both game manufacturers and the catering industry have obviously targeted the “golden idea” of “game IP + catering”.


It is the official coffee restaurant of Se with the concept of “theme change”. The restaurant provides self-made foods and sells Se official merchandise. In addition, with the theme of Se popular games, the decoration in the store will be changed within a time limit to provide special meals for the game.

The menu design is also very game like. For example, a dish of red shrimp with cheese sold in the restaurant is introduced as “the hades shields shrimps captured in Central Thanalan .” Like cranberry mojito, it becomes a “life restoration potion” and “magic restoration potion” in the restaurant.

Capcom Bar

Capcom entered the catering industry as early as 2012. They opened a restaurant called “Capcom bar” in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The restaurant is full of elements of Capcom’s games such as Rockman, Chun-Li, Phoenix Wright, etc. in the menu.

Sakura salad with the theme of Basara, classic barbecue of Monster Hunter and syringe drink related to Resident Evil.

Capcom Café

In order to cooperate with the sale of “Monster Hunter X”, Capcom also opened a theme restaurant of “Capcom café”.

This restaurant is full of the Elune cat (cute version) of the monster hunter. In the game, ELU cat is a very important role. They not only get along with the players and give them various support, but also take the responsibility of issuing tasks to the players and taking the players who have no physical strength back to the camp with cat carts. Of course, other traditional game images of Capcom, such as Rockman and Phoenix Wright, also appeared in the restaurant.

ONE PIECE Restaurant

A one piece theme restaurant has been built in Taiwan and the official also brought large-scale Chopper dolls from Japan to take close-up photos and interact with fans and launched the world’s 1000 bottle Limited “Chopper bottle” On the opening day.

Except for the theme restaurant, most of restaurant owners place arcade games in front of entrances or inside the restaurant to add interest. Arcade machines also reduce the impatience of guests in line.

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