Tips For Making Money by Arcade Amusement Machines

发布时间:2022-05-11 10:38
1.Site Selection
Choose a site with high traffic, a mall or a supermarket or your own game station. If you set the amusement station in mall or supermarket,you should consult with the administrator and apply for settlement.

2.Amusement Machines Supplier Selection
Choose a reliable arcade amusement machine supplier/manufacturer who sell arcade machine in high quality with low price.Choose the right arcade machines, the half way you are in becoming success. Hy Tech product varies of good arcade machines with honest. Everyone can visit the factory first and check all the products first.There is also after sales maintenance for each product.

Based on the trust in brand strength, many malls will give priority to brands when attracting investment, and give greater concessions in terms of rent. In the later stage of operation, the brand competitiveness is stronger, and customers are more willing to choose the amusement machines of famous brand for consumption. 

4.Unique Decoration Design 
Customers' first impression of the amusement station may come from the decoration design of the store. The decoration style should be unique and makes it a hot spot. The exquisite degree of decoration must be consistent with the surrounding business environment.

5.Event Planning
Amusement station can attract customers through novel, interesting and colorful high-quality equipment, but it can't rely on equipment alone. In order to retain customers, we also need to increase the emotional stickiness of customers through event planning. Such as organizing parent-child activities or games(pinball machine,sports simulation,gift machine,redemption machine ect) to improve customer experience and enhance customers' feelings for the amusement spot.