Hidden Star In Offline Entertainment Industry

发布时间:2022-05-12 11:39
In recent years, many offline amusement spot and the indoor theme park have been born in the market like small carnival. What has changed is the expansion of its scene area and the increase of the types of amusement machine. What remains unchanged is that only one machine can recall our long happy childhood.With the improvement of people's consumption concept, arcade amusement machines have moved into more modern malls, theme parks, supermarkets and bars.

HY Tech produces and provides a large number of best arcade game machines for many enterprises, including pinball machine, sports simulation, gift machine, prize redemption, ticket redemption ect. Best luxury arcade machines with outstanding art toys makes new hot amusement tide.

When arcade game machines are moved into the mall, It has been innovation to some extent. This can be seen from the diversified development of the arcade game machines, such as some small entertainment complex with one-stop food, drink, play and music. In addition, the game machines have also been upgraded, with many more games with a great sense of experience, such as Skee Master, Lucky Tower which can not be replaced by online mobile games.

Looking back, we will find that many businesses have completed the transformation from a single format to a composite format. Among them, the most popular thing for parents is adding some sports simulation with rich parent-child interaction, such as Kaka parent-child amusement machine, which is also the outlet for the development of family customers in offline entertainment industry.

In the past, the offline entertainment formats of shopping centers were mainly KTV, cinema. In recent years, with the popularity of experiential shopping centers, the experiential amusement has also been sought after. Major shopping malls have emerged immersive experiential main stores such as Live Action Role Playing, room escape and virtual VR experience hall.This is also in line with the consumption concept of novelty and experience coexisting among consumers in 00 generation.

After a major reshuffle of the mall entertainment industry, we also expect that arcade game machines may bring a pillar industry and show us more surprises.