Juice Ice Breaker
1.2 screens in 1 game, linkable for up to 2 players' or parant-child fun,
2.Excellemt quality ,accurate market location,innovative gameplay but easy to play.
3.Perfect and fast coin-re-insert system,high profitable game machine for amusement center.
4.Cool and stunning cross-screen attact effect makes it high addictive and more fun.
5.Special combo skill meeds player's wisdom and courage.Once he master it,he can defeat others easily
6.When stage is clear,treasure box becomes available,with jackpot prize,big amount of tickets or twisted egg inside.
7.Prize-out coule be ticket,twisted egg,or neither of them just for fun, meeting different meeds of places.
8.Ticket refund  system is excellent witth perfect functions,and eaay setting and revenue data are clear at glane.
1.3-bttou control;red ,yellow and purple buttons for3canons in gameplay.
2.Press different key to launch different fruit ice brick from different canon.
3.Once it comes to 3 same fruit ice brick in row ,they will be moved away .
4.If ice bricks descends close to the canon emplacement ,player lose1 score.
5.When stage is clear,choose box treasure for prize
size   1000*1800*2300