Baby Alliance
1.Frist creation of character-unlock game system:insert more coins to unlock the hidden senior characters to win more tickets.
2.Novel and attractive ganplay ,eaay to play.
3.Various game scenes and props:5 scenes,5 props and 5 kinds of stairs.
4.Real-time ticket reward:every few steps upward will be rewarded a number df tickets.Player will keep playing.
5Mysterious treasure box:In the game,it comes out as a supprise with a large amount of tickets.
Navigate your jumper's way to jump as highest as you can in a limited time. Player will also get scores each floor upward. Pick up tools and tickets along the way. There will be some supprises or bonus when players keep playing.
More powerful jumper needs more coins to unlock.
5 games scenes, 5 tricky tools, easy to play.
size   1350*800*1700