Demolition King
It is the world’s first arcade game played by swinging the balls and smashing the screens. This game is combined mechanics with video games, which is very innovative and interesting. The players can swing the balls and smash the screens to destruct the buildings for gaining the scores and redemption prizes. The game contains various buildings and characters with different themes in great graphics. Both KID ZONE and ADULT ZONE are designed in the product, which allows family members to play together at the same time. In addition, 1 player and 2 players mode are allowed for players to enjoy the games individually or battle each other.

1. Insert coins, choose 1P/2P mode and the building scene. Stand in the kid zone or adult zone.

2. Read or skip the game instruction, swing the hanging ball to hit bull's eye to start;

3. Swing the ball to demolish the building and hit anything on/around it to collect points except workers.

4. Hit furniture to win tickets or random golden tickets for some bonus and at the end hit the flying box to win extra tickets.

5. Complete the mission of saving the puppy to win extra tickets and random golden tickets.

Size: w2300mm*D2205mm*H2508mm

Quality: Good
Grade: A