Ocean party 6p
This is a highly profitable ticket redemption game machine with luxurious appearance and a perfect combination of graphics and program. Its originated and innovative gameplay will make player feel like playing more and addicted to it. A new money-making tool for arcades will it become.
1.Insert coins,BET from 10~90,then START(the more you bet,the more extra chance you will get)
2.Try to hit 5 balls into the number-marked pits it requires to forn specifide patterns shown on the screen,You can rotate the numbers in the inner ring to help you score better.
3.If fail to form any pattern with the 5 balls ,choose whether to continue to paly and bet"6thBALL"or not
4.If succeed to form any pattten ,choose whether to play "PLAY DOUBLE UP"or not
5."PLAY DOUBLE UP"is aboutpenalty kick.Try to shoopt right or left to score double or nothing.
size  2550*1380*2200