DORA planet
1.High revenue ticket redemption game for years.
2.Mechanincal style design game machine,long life span.
3.Easy gameplay,interactive sound and pictures bring players' better experience
4.Based on skill,available for all skill-level players to linger on playing.
5.Rewarding game,challenging grand prizes, always full of coins
FThis is a ticket redemption game machine.Player pulls the drawbar to bump the ball and make it rolling along the spiral of lights,trying to land it close to the green light.Player will be rewarded tickets according to which color light the ball lands colosest
Green Light=100 tickets(3 combo=500`1000tickets)
Red light=50 tickets(5combo=500`1000tickets)
Yellow light=30 tickets
Pink light=20 tickets
Blue light=10 tickets
size  900*1000*1880