Chinese Mini Pinball
Mini Pinball is a new concept game machine that combines classical pinball gameplay with redemption for the first time, which can dispense mystery boxes and tickets. The main colour of the appearance is Chinese red, plus the gift box and transparent ticket box, the effect is very dazzling. The background of the game is "Journey to the West", one of the four famous Chinese novels. It has been transplanted into this international classic trendy gameplay, making the machines more differentiated and bringing a new operating concept to the venue gift area. The classic pinball gameplay, as always, can exercise players' hand and eye coordination, suitable for all ages. One machine for two, increasing the interactive competitive PK experience.
1. insert coins, press the left or right button to start, and the machine will automatically count down to launch balls.
2. During the game, press left and right buttons to control two flippers to shoot the ball. Keep the steel ball rolling and hitting in the playfield to get scores (a total of 13 targets with a different numbers to get scores), try not to fall into to central drain.
3. If the total scores reach the target score, you can choose a gift of the corresponding value from the four mystery boxes route;
4. After the mystery box is redeemed, the excess points can be exchanged for tickets.

size W1000mm*D1500mm*H1860mm
Quality: Good
Grade: A


Mini Pinball Video