KaKa Series
Kaka series is a popular gift amusement machine this year, the world's first, fashion mix and match, one machine, two games, simple and direct, 6 kinds of games, can exercise children's hand and brain reaction coordination ability, combined with the current capsule gift, cards, mystery boxes, let children fall in love with it. high Cost-effective, short return on the investment.

1. Fortune wheel: the light of the spinning tray stops on which number can get the corresponding quantity of cards.
2. Catch Cattle: throw the ropes to catch cattle, how many cards you win is depending on the number of cattle you catch.

3. Player drops ball into the holes of the spinning tray, each hole marked different number and bonus for the prize of capsule or cards.

4. Catch the moving cat with the cat-shaped frame at the perfect time to collect points for the prize of a capsule or mystery box.

5. Try to jump at the perfect time when the cakes get close and stack higher and higher, past the first or second level can get cards, and past the third level can get the mystery box.
6.Aim and lunch the needles to the spinning clock, try not to launch the needles close to each other, pass the first or the second level can get cards, pass the third level can get the capsule.
Size: w1000mm*D650mm*H1870mm

Quality: Good
Grade: A