Simple gameplay. A funny arcade for adults and kids.


Forward is a puzzle video redemption game that challenges crossing rivers and roads. The gameplay is simple and easy for players of all ages. It does not limit the value of life, players only need to navigate his game role’s way to jump forward at the right time to avoid all kinds of dangers along the way. Try to go as far as he possibly can, and pick up as many tickets and rewards as he can. The game is fast-paced and has a strong ability to renew coins. Forward utilizes a huge 60-inch HD monitor
and is covered in flashing LEDs, which makes it a real
eye-catcher anywhere.

  1. 3D engine production, elegant picture, dynamic and motional.
  2. Simple gameplay. A funny arcade for adults and kids.
  3.  Player can restart immediately where he/she was killed, when game is over, which can increase player’s addiction.
  4. Player can be awarded tickets and twisted-eggs as bonus.
  5. Sophisticated odd system helps to increase turnover rapidly.
  6. Double-player mode permits player’s interaction with their friends.
  7. Continue Mode attracts player to keep inserting coins to continue playing.


1. Insert coin. Select 1P/2P and game role.

2. Navigate the game roles’ way across busy roads, train tracks and over rivers to go as far as you possibly can.

3. Player will be rewarded tickets, capsule or bonus during the game.

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